Flamingos and Global Warming

Flamingos and Climate Change

Global warming is an issue that has been harming our environment for a very long time. Most of us don’t see the long term effects of it though which can make it hard to really decide to make positive changes. The Flamingos are affected in many ways due to global warming. Here are some of the problems they face as a result of it.

One of the biggest concerns out there with Flamingos and global warming is how it affects their mating season. The Flamingos depend  on the rainfall to help them mate. Without adequate rain though they won’t engage in it. Many researchers find that global warming reduces the chances of rain in many areas. In fact, it is the leading cause of drought in some of the areas where they live. This can mean a significant reduction of offspring being produced in the years ahead.

Global warming can also dry out the lagoons, lakes, and swampy areas where Flamingos live. This can affect the amount of alkaline that is in the water. When it becomes to acid like they won’t be able to survive in it. They also won’t have a habit to live in or to find food in.

Without that water they will either need to find a new habitat, be relocated, or they will die. They can’t survive without adequate fresh water to drink. They also rely upon the waters to provide them with sources of food. Their bright colors come from the Beta Carotene found in the foods they eat. When they don’t get enough food, they will start to fade in color to very light shades of pink and even white.

By the same token, global warming is opening up the risk of new diseases and bacteria killing them in large numbers. The heat can allow such elements to quickly grow and to spread. It also allows these types of toxins to be more potent so what used to not bother them such as various types of blue and green algae can become lethal for them to consume.

Predators seem to be seeking out more Flamingos than in the past due to global warming. Their own habitats and food sources have started to decline so they are turning to new places to live and new foods that will satisfy them. These animals include pythons, large cats, coyotes, and more. They have always been predators of the Flamingo but not to the same volume that it seems to be happening in today’s society.

Since we already know that global warming is a huge problem for animals including the Flamingo and humans, sincere efforts to change it have to be made. Many advocacy groups dedicate large amounts of time and money to getting the message across. At the same time celebrities engage in fundraising efforts and to increase awareness of the problem. Still, it comes down to individuals making a conscious choice to do better and to find ways they can help reduce the problem.

At the same time it is the responsibility of governments to create laws to make the environment safer for all of us. Without their intervention and many great incentives to reduce problems, global warming efforts wouldn’t have made the many advancements that they have so far. New technology offers great ways for us to still get the results and benefits that give us many comforts in life. Yet at the same time they won’t be as harmful for the environment. Exploring those options is a step in the right direction for each of us to take.

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