Flamingos in Culture

Flamingos in Popular Culture

To early Egyptian culture the Flamingos were a representation of the god Ra, who was known as the god of the sun. They felt that the animals where there as a reminder of the work of that god. They went out of their way to make sure these animals were preserved.

In Peru, the Flamingo is considered to be a sacred animal. They have been preserved and often are found in various types of art work. In many stories the Flamingo is the savior of animals due to the way in which it can bend its neck and the abilities it has both on land and in flight. Some legends say these were men that in the form of the Flamingo now have additional abilities that they didn’t before.

Many books have references to Flamingos as well including the classic Alice in Wonderland. Alice ends up using one a mallet to play the game of croquette. You can also find them in books for kids with a variety of different characters. For older children and for adults there are books that have real information about Flamingos, their habitat, eating habits, and the future for them.

The internet is a great place to find out more about Flamingos. You do have to be careful though as many sites contain information that is conflicting in various ways. Documentary films that show different elements of the Flamingo in their natural environment are also a great idea to look into. This show you up close the things that go on with their culture including mating, feeding, survival, their offspring, communications, and even succumbing to the various predators found in the area.

While the information is graphic, it is also realistic. You will get a first hand account of what goes on for these types of animals on a daily basis. You will also come to realize that they don’t live in the environments where too many other known animals are readily able to survive. This could help you to learn a new appreciation for these animals as well.

Many people have plastic Flamingos in their yards as ornaments. This is a fun and inexpensive way to decorate the landscaping. In many parts of the world you will see them as part of collectibles including magnets, water globes, and even in travel browsers. They are an image that people find to be calming and exciting at the same time. Millions of plastic Flamingos are sold annually around the world. It is said to be one of the major icons of Florida.

Since Flamingos aren’t a threat to humans, they tend to have a good vibe about them in culture overall. Many people find them to be unique due to the color of them, their long legs, and their long necks. For those people that feel that they are taller than others, stand out in different ways, they often can relate to the beloved Flamingo.

The Flamingo has become a symbol of many bars, restaurants, and even a casino on the strip in Las Vegas. The link here is that they want to stand out above the rest and there is no doubt that Flamingos definitely capture attention when you see one of them. These types of businesses also give the impression that they welcome all types of people from all types of backgrounds to come in and to enjoy their establishment. As you look around your own environment notice how many references to Flamingos you find as they are everywhere in today’s popular culture.

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